How Do You Repair a Damaged Roof?

A damaged roof is something that shouldn’t go untouched. The longer you wait to repair your roof, the more damage and cost you will incur. However, most people only deal with a damaged roof once or twice in their lifetime. This means they aren’t sure what to do when they see their damaged roof. The first thing to do is not to panic. While this might sound like poor advice, it is hard to think if you are in a panic state. In this blog, we at Exceptional Exteriors and Renovations will be discussing how to repair a damaged roof and the alternatives to a DIY project.

Identifying a Roof Leak

If you have found this page, you probably suspect that you have a leaking roof. Things such as water stains on the ceiling, bulging drywall, musty odors, or damaged shingles are all common issues that are signs of a problem with the roof. (2)

However, a visual inspection after a storm is also a way to identify that you might have a roofing issue before it even becomes a leaking issue. This is the best way to prevent further damage to your home. It is also a pretty affordable way since most homeowners can perform an inspection themselves. You need to walk around the perimeter and look at the roof. Do you see any missing shingles or visible damage?

While not all roof damage will be visible from the ground or sometimes with an untrained eye, this is one method that can save you $1000s in the end. After all, if you see a few missing shingles or shingles in your yard, chances are that roof has sustained damage and will begin to leak. Furthermore, the structure of the shingles has been compromised, and more shingles are apt to blow off in the future.

Minor Roof Repairs

If your roof is in relatively good shape except for, say, some missing shingles or maybe a small hole where something went through it, then you might be able to make the repair on your own. First, however, you should ensure that by doing so, you are not voiding any warranties on the home or the roof. Once you have the all-clear there, it will usually only take a few basic tools that many DIYers have lying around the house.

However, you will be performing on a roof, which is pretty high in the air. Many people don’t have the proper safety equipment or knowledge to do the repair properly. A minor roof repair that isn’t fixed property will quickly become a major issue. As it will continue to leak, but you won’t know it until it has broken through the ceiling. By the time it is leaking inside the home, there is more damage than just the roof that needs to be addressed.

Minor repairs can run anywhere from $150-1500, depending on the extent of the damages. (1)  If you feel comfortable doing the repair, ask yourself if you have the qualifications. Roofs are complex systems that sometimes have underlying problems. These problems could include things such as sagging beams or not enough supportive structure. You want to ensure that you are treating the underlying issue and not just the damage itself.

Here at Exceptional Exteriors and Renovations, we can assist you with your minor roofing issues. Our team of experts can take a look at the leak or damage and determine the best course of action. We take the time to review your options and let you decide. It is important to us that you understand the different solutions to help you make an informed decision.

Major Roof Damage

Major roof damage can come from a couple of things. A storm where a tree has fallen on the house or a minor roof damage repair that wasn’t done properly. Either way, major roof damage will be far more costly than something minor. Major roof damage can go in the $1000s. This will depend on the type of materials used, the issue with the roof, the structure of the roof, and the pitch or design. In some cases where there is major roof damage, replacing the roof might make more sense.  

Roof damage to this extent should always be left to the professionals. This usually doesn’t just involve a few shingles but will get into the structure of the roofing system itself. Many times, if the major damage is sustained in one area, that area can be repaired or replaced, given the rest of the roof isn’t damaged. However, other times the roof will be too old or have sustained too much damage where repair isn’t possible or isn’t the best choice.

Damaged Roof

Homeowner's Insurance

Roof damage can be covered by your homeowners, even if the damage is minor, depending on your policy. Often, homeowners will cover wind and hail damage or storm damage if the roof is in relatively good condition and it is determined that the damage has affected the overall lifespan of the roof. (3) If you aren’t certain about your policy, we advise you to call your insurance rep. Also, we would be more than happy to take a look and give you our expert opinion if it would be worth the call. 

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When it comes to repairing a damaged roof, there is no better option than calling on the experts. You could do more damage by attempting to make a repair on your own. Contact us here at Exceptional Exteriors and Renovations today to get started. 

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