Is It Worth It to Remodel a Kitchen?

Our kitchens are the heart of the home, a place to cook, gather, and enjoy family and friends. However, when it is outdated or falling apart, it can be a bit of an eyesore.  Furthermore, if you are looking to sell your home soon, you might need to look into some upgrades.  Kitchens sell homes.  That’s right, people will fall in love with a kitchen, especially if it’s updated.  However, you shouldn’t do a complete remodel if you don’t plan on enjoying that kitchen for some time on your own, as you will not get 100% of your investment back from the sale of your home.  (1)

Kitchen and other remodels are something that many Americans would rather do than move and use that money for a down payment.  If fact, 76% of most Americans would rather choose to stay and upgrade their existing home. (2) This isn’t a huge surprise to us, as we are renovating people’s homes all the time.  Many people find they love the location of their home and the neighborhood and have made friends there.  This means that finding another home with these amenities would be almost impossible.  After all, location is one of the top reasons people choose to live where they live.

However, this means that they will need some updating over time.  Perhaps you like an open concept, but your home doesn’t offer that.  When remodeling your home, you can choose what you’d like to change but still remain in the same neighborhood.

Giving Your Home a Facelift With a Renovated Kitchen

If you have lived in your home for quite some time, it most likely could use an update.  The kitchens of today are more modern and sleek.  We use natural stone, updated sinks, and appliances to help modernize these old kitchens.  Your kitchen remodel can go as in-depth as you’d like, from changing a few things such as the lighting, countertops, and faucet to a complete overhaul, opening up the kitchen space to the living room and dining room.  What level of renovation you choose to do will determine how much you will need in your budget. 

When we look at older homes with outdated kitchens, we are typically flooded with amazing ideas.  Our team of experts has been remodeling home kitchens for over 25 years.  Because of this, we can assist you with determining what would be the best route for your kitchen, what would make sense for your budget, and also if it is a good idea for your situation.  When remodeling your kitchen, some factors that you should consider are:

  • What’s the budget?
  • Do you plan to stay in the home?
  • How do you utilize your kitchen?
  • What are your likes and dislikes of your current kitchen?

The Budget

The budget for your kitchen remodel will help guide you on how in-depth you can go with the remodel.  Kitchen cabinets, for example, are a large component of a remodel.  If you have a proper layout with your cabinets and like how they are positioned, a proper refacing might help. This is where we save the boxes of the cabinets but will put on new doors and change out the hardware.  This is a very common, more budget-friendly practice. However, it’s not an option if the layout isn’t right or if the cabinets are in poor condition.  For those situations, new cabinets are a must.  This will be about 25% of your overall reno budget, depending on what cabinets you go with.  (3)  For the most part, the cost of the materials for a kitchen remodel will be greater than the labor costs. 

If you have a higher budget, that means that you can go with higher-quality materials.  This also can ensure you get the kitchen of your dreams that will meet your family’s needs. 

Do You Plan To Stay In Your Home?

If you are considering doing a remodel on your kitchen, another important aspect to consider is if you plan to stay where you are living.  This will help us guide you on what to do during your remodel.  Kitchen remodels only get back approx. 81-53% ROI.  (4) This means that if you are planning on moving soon and not enjoying the fruits of your remodel, you will probably want to go with a lower-end or mid-grade renovation.  

Remodel home improvement view installed in a new furniture in kitchen

How Do You Use Your Kitchen?

Whether you’re a professional chef or just practicing, you need a kitchen with a good workflow.  You will need ample counter space for prep and also storage for all the different kitchen gadgets. However, if you are a microwave master, these things might not be as important to you. This is why it is important for us to understand how you utilize your kitchen.  This will allow us to help guide you on if it would be worth it to remodel your kitchen.  Sometimes, people have a kitchen that simply doesn’t fit their lifestyle.  In those cases, it is important to update the kitchen so that it does.

What Are Your Likes and Dislikes of Your Kitchen?

If you like the layout of your kitchen but cannot stand the aesthetics, that is different than if the layout simply isn’t making any sense.  Having a kitchen with a poor layout means you have drawers that won’t open while the dishwasher is open, or it is hard to move around in.  These sorts of things will require the kitchen remodel to be much more substantial.  Changing the layout usually means that you will need a complete gut job.  However, it also means that you will certainly add a lot of value to your home, as you are not the only one that will get annoyed when trying to use it.

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Is it worth remodeling your kitchen? The answer lies in the questions above and how you answered them.  Of course, a newly remodeled kitchen is an amazing asset to any home. However, the depth of the remodel and what is done lies in what you are expecting to get from that remodel.  

Exceptional Exteriors and Renovations would be happy to go over your projected project and help guide you with ideas that we have to create a perfect kitchen for your situation. We have over 25 years of experience to draw from.  This allows us to help guide you on ways to stay within your budget but still get everything you need.  Contact us today to get started.

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