What is the Cost for Painting an Interior Room of a House?

There isn’t a better way to improve the value of your home than having a fresh coat of paint. However, if you are not looking to sell your home, perhaps give a bit of an update; painting the walls is a quick and affordable way to do just that. A fresh coat of paint helps elevate the space, giving it a facelift. The average cost for an interior home paint job ranges from $350-$5000+. (1)  Things that will affect the paint job cost are the paint type, the square footage, and how much trim needs to be accounted for, along with other factors such as other fixtures that may need to be removed. The time and effort of getting the house primed and ready to go is also a factor.  

If you are looking to save some money, it is helpful that you have your rooms prepped for painting. This means that all the walls are cleared, and the room is cleared of any furniture or other things that may get in the way of the professionals. For larger items, moving those to the middle of the room might be a good plan. Your contractor can help guide you on ways that will assist them in performing their job with ease. However, painting contractors can also do all the heavy lifting and moving for you in some cases.  

Get Interior Painting Done Along with Other Renovations

If you are looking for a professional interior paint job, you should seek a licensed, qualified contractor. Often times our clients are not simply looking for a basic interior paint job. They are looking for an entire room upgrade. If you have an outdated kitchen or bathroom, let us take a look to see how we can help. A simple paint job is one aspect of a home’s renovation that shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, paint can do wonders for a room. Even painting the cabinets can help give the room a much-needed facelift without the expense of getting new. If you are in the market for change, Exceptional Exteriors and Renovations is happy to help. 

Painting the Inside of the Whole House

Have you purchased a new home? This is an exciting time and a time to make this home into something you will love. Having the interior painted to your liking is one way to make the house your home. The cost to repaint the inside of a complete home will depend on the size of the home but include the walls, ceilings, and trim. 

This cost can range anywhere from $700-7500 or more based on the square footage. (2)  There is not a set answer to how much it will cost until we can get in and see the home and the particular situation. Some homes will be much easier to paint, meaning there will be less labor involved than in others. If you have recently purchased a home and are thinking about hiring professional interior painters, we would be happy to help. Call Exceptional Exteriors and Renovations today at 704-201-5964 to get a free, no-obligation quote and learn more about the process.

Getting a Home Ready for Sale

Getting your home ready to sell is a big task. Many times realtors will suggest that you have your home freshly painted in neutral colors. However, who has the time for that? That’s why we offer some of the best interior home painting services in the area. 

Our technicians are happy to help you not only with the job but also with the color selection that will best suit your home. If you have trouble determining what colors and types of paint would be best, we can help! Don’t overdo it by moving and trying to get established in your new place. Let us help! Furthermore, we can not only paint your old home, but we could also paint the new one before you move in. We would be happy to take a look at both homes should you need things tidied up before you move in and after you move out.  

Exceptional Exteriors and Renovations take expert care when painting the interior of our client’s homes. We understand that the lines need to be perfect, there shouldn’t be any paint drips on the carpets, and removing the faceplates and lights are important to a professional job. Our team has been in the industry for over 25 years and can probably paint an entire home much faster than the average homeowner. This means your lives will be less disrupted when you hire a professional. 

Woman painting interior wall with paint roller

List Your Home For Sale

When listing your home for sale, the one thing you can do to help improve the value of your home is paint. In fact, it is said that you will get a 107% ROI from just some simple paint inside the home. (3)  That’s pretty significant. The goal is to find nice warm neutral colors that buyers can relate to. You want to leave a good impression on your potential buyers, and nothing can do that quite like nice-looking walls, trim, and ceilings. Paint is one of the best ways to transform a room with little effort. 

Our Painting Process

So you have decided it’s time for a fresh coat of paint? Congrats! We are confident you will be delighted with how your new paint job transforms your home. Our process is fairly simple and straightforward. Our team will come to examine your home or the rooms you want to be painted and offer you a quote. We will then take a minute to review the quote with you and answer any questions you might have. 

Once we have a contract, we will give you a date and time that we will start. When that day arrives, a crew of professional painters will arrive to complete the job. It is that simple. There isn’t much you need to do. Of course, if you want to clear the rooms yourself, you can, or leave that up to us. We want this to be a simple process for our clients but understand there are budgets. Doing some of the labor yourself can save you money, but it is not completely necessary.

We are professional interior painters that will aim to exceed your expectations. When we leave, your home will be transformed and look amazing. Contact us today to learn more about our interior painting services and how we can help. 

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